Frequently Asked Questions

What is SaaS Galatic?

We are an EU-based investment firm securitizing Software-as-a-Service recurring revenues.

What type of companies do you finance?

We work exclusively with SaaS startups. During this initial stage we look for:

- B2B

- EU or Israel based

- Minimum 50k euros MRR

- Capital Raised from VC

How much funds can a company get?

We will provide cashflow advance for up to 25% of the ARR.

Is SaaS Galactic offering a loan?

No. We will advance your annual suscription value of clients you have already signed in with a discount. We get paid when your clients pay their monthly bill.

Is SaaS Galatic charging interest?

No. There is no interest nor hidden fees. We will just charge you a discount on the total suscription value you exchange with us.

Does the same discount apply on all cases?

No. Your discount will depend on the assessment with make of your data.